Be your Best Friend

For me, 2017 was one of the most challenging years I’ve had so far. It won by a landslide. I’ve never been as emotionally or physically strained in all honesty. I can say that it was like taking a scooter to the ankle, a punch to the crotch, being hit on by an old gross guy, a truly long 365 days. I definitely learned more in 2017 than any past year which sounds dramatic but damn is it true. As long as it was I can say I’m weirdly greatful for all the bad things that happened and even more so for the good things. I wanted to start this blog as a sort of outlet of my thoughts. I always find it helpful when my friends and I talk about whatever recent revelations we have so why not share them. There’s no specific theme, just what comes to mind so feel free to send in suggestions or comments:) If you don’t like my content I am by no means forcing you to read it, but if you like it spread the love!

For my first post I wanted to talk about self love. It’s always been a hot topic and definitely in my life, this past year especially. I’m the type of person that’s always put more effort into her friends than herself. That person that sends a 4 text reply to one question. I’ve always had a huge amount of empathy when my friends are struggling and sometimes it’s helpful on their end but destructive on mine. Most people can probably relate in some way. When your friend is sad you usually try to do what you can to cheer them up, right? That’s because we don’t want them to be sad since we know what it feels like (aka empathy). So, when inquiring why my friends are sad a huge part of the reason is insecurities or self doubt. We ALL pick ourselves apart. It’s just part of being a human (cliché, but wait for my point). Without a doubt, every time my friend points out a flaw in themselves I think “Why the hell do they think that? It’s not something I notice.” I’ve realized I see my friends in a way more positive light than they see themselves and vice versa they see me in a way more positive way than I see myself. So how come we’re all sitting around tearing ourselves down when it’s been pointed out that it isn’t what other people see? I’ve always said if we could try to see ourselves the way our best friends do then we’d be a lot happier. There’s so many people out there that will criticize you so why do we have to add-on to that? We’re the one person who’s perception of ourselves can be controlled (to a certain extent, mental illnesses most definitely impact this). Why add on to the unnecessary bullshit and negativity we’re scared strangers will say about us? You’ve got to be your number one as frustrating as it can be. Bad self criticism is not something we can make disappear but implementing it into your daily life will make a drastic difference. Buy yourself a cookie, wink at yourself in the mirror, pet a dog, go for a walk, do what makes you happy. All of the cliche statements I’ve made in this post are said so often for a reason. F*ck people who tear you down, they have their own problems and you just happen to be the punching bag. Look at yourself how your friends, moms, dads, and number one supporters do. Be nice to yourself, you deserve it.

Photo by Jez Timms on Unsplash

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