Peeling off the Label

We LOVE labels. We love to associate things. It’s a very evident part of human habit.

Clothes with holes in them weren’t cool until Kanye started selling them. You can find a ridiculously ugly pair of pants but someone wants to buy them because there’s a Gucci label on them. Label’s give worth and meaning, whether it be on clothes or people.

For example, we take one look at a person and there’s already some small assumption we make about them whether we realize it or not. It’s become so habitual for humans that it has transitioned into a subconscious act. That person has tattoos; they must be a badass or a loser drop out. Someone’s wearing a suit and glasses; they must be smart and successful. We jump to base everything on appearance. The irony is that we get mad when someone does the same to us. While stereotypes are popular for a reason, it doesn’t mean they are applicable to everyone that follows the associated appearance.

Everyone says “Don’t judge a book by its cover” but that’s exactly what we do. We look at a book, read the title, and decide if it’s interesting. We may like it enough to open it up, turn a few pages, then decide it’s not for us based on a quick assessment. It’s not until we read the whole thing that we have enough context to decide if it goes along with our values. We judge books by covers, people by appearance, things by labels, and so on.

The people that take one look at something or someone and stick to their close minded opinion are the people you don’t want in your life. Those are the people that aren’t worth arguing with. If they revolve their life around appearance then that’s a red flag and they most likely aren’t happy with themselves. Don’t get me wrong, you can love designer things and if they make you happy then buy them. The problem starts when you forget that they’re just things. If you base anyones worth, especially your own, on whether or not you wear certain labels then you’ve got it all wrong. At the end of the day if we’re all stripped down of our clothes, things, surroundings, and hell, maybe even parts of your body then all that’s left is your mind and soul. What’s left is what you think and feel. If that’s not the strongest part of you then what do you have to base any exterior qualities on? Nothing. You’re left without a foundation and your living in an empty labeled world.

Next time you see someone and that tiny but blatantly rude thought crosses your mind, check yourself. Next time you think that the girl with the Louis Vuitton bag is better than the guy wearing an unbranded shirt, check yourself. Not only would you not want someone assuming that about you, you also know that you’re jumping to conclusions. Actually, you’re crossing oceans to conclusions. You think you know someone based on a 10 second assessment. Get over yourself. At the end of the day, you don’t know anymore about them than they know about you. You can take off a label but you can’t just peel off your bad attitude.


Photo by on Unsplash

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